Terms + Conditions



We are happy to talk with you about any issues you may have with your order. We strive our absolute best to make sure your invitations are as perfect as possible! But, we are humans and often make mistakes. It is best to contact us via e-mail info@olivejuicepress.com with any issues and we will do our best to resolve them, kindly!



Each item may have certain variations. Letterpress printed goods will vary from item to item due to various factors including but not limited to an ink variance each time the rollers retrieve ink to print the next item. Everything printed by Olive Juice Press is individually handcrafted and printed using one of our antique printing presses. Products may vary in terms of ink and paper due to the handmade nature of our letterpress items. The same goes for calligraphy. Each item will be hand written and can vary in ink coverage and color, and may have minor imperfections. Of course our main goal is to try and make everything perfect for you, so that is what we strive for!



Orders shipped within Tennessee will include 9.25% sales tax.



All designs and stationery are property of Olive Juice Press. All rights are reserved. You may not use any of our design items from your invitation to create other items for your wedding without our consent. All work may not be reproduced in any form without consent. Olive Juice Press retains all personal rights to use the preliminary and completed designs for the purpose of display or for other clients, upon request.



If there is a need to cancel, please contact us immediately. In the event of cancellation, Olive Juice Press shall be compensated for the services performed through the date of cancellation in the amount of (a) any advance payment (if client cancels the contract prior to providing Olive Juice Press final approval to proceed with production of the goods) plus all expenses, fees, out of pockets together with any additional costs incurred through and up to, the date of cancellation, or (b) the entire contract amount (if client contract has gone into production). Once a design has been approved, no refunds are available. Due to the handmade and personalized nature of our products, returns and exchanges are not available.



All shipping and postage will be paid by the client. We are not responsible for any damages incurred during shipping or mailing. USPS Priority Mail is used for all domestic orders. 



We can provide international shipping, if you are willing to pay all shipping and customs charges incurred. We use USPS International for all international orders.